Statement from J. Elliott Summey

February 2, 2017

Today, Natalie Olson, Land Use Program Director, Lobbyist and Attorney at the Coastal Conservation League (“CCL”) sent out an e-blast asking constituents to voice their opposition to I-526. Unfortunately, once again, the CCL relies on false information, invective, and scare-tactics (in this instance relating to Highway 41) – rather than facts – all for personal monetary gain for certain leaders within the CCL.

Sadly, if the CCL would relate facts instead of trying to bully and posture, the recipients of the CCL’s falsehoods would realize that the widening of Highway 41 was approved by Charleston County Council more than two weeks ago. Of course, the CCL would then also have to share that the Highway 41 widening will take at least five years to complete because of certain CCL members’ continued mission to stall Charleston County infrastructure projects for personal gain.

County Council’s members all want to preserve our wetlands, however, when the wetlands are used as shields to cover the clandestine nature of what is truly happening at the CCL, the matter has spun out of control. Blaming the Charleston County Council continuously while continuing to raise millions of dollars for frivolous lawsuits and CCL salaries does nothing but hurt our taxpayers who commute daily – and who already spend, in aggregate, 6.4 million man-hours annually trapped in congestion delays.

Mount Pleasant residents have been given a false version of what Council agreed upon, and it’s irresponsible for those residents to be given the misimpression that it’s the Council’s “special meetings” which are causing strife. Instead, there are frequent council meetings when public comments are, indeed, encouraged. The members of Council are committed to public service – and we do so because we want to help. One way to help is to alleviate the stress our residents are under caused by our inadequate infrastructure. To that end, we, as Council members, have always and will always be available to the public – that is why we freely give out our contact information.

Your only chance to show opposition to CCL’s environmental intimidation is by calling or emailing Dana Beach, Executive Director of the Coastal Conservation League at (843) 810-4948  or [email protected] or his hired lobbyist and Attorney Natalie Olson (772)5194713 or [email protected].



Elliott Summey

Member, Charleston County Council

(843) 958-4031