On Wednesday, September 14, along with Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg and several dedicated city and council leaders, I expressed our serious concern about the continuous cat-and mouse-game that South Carolina Transportation Infrastructure Bank Chairman Vince Graham has been playing with Charleston County regarding the completion of the I-526 extension project that was partially funded by the half cent sales tax in 2004.

We gave him a deadline of Friday, September 16 at 5:00 p.m. to give us a concrete appointment time where all of the SIB board members – including Mr. Graham – would meet with us within the next 10 days, so we all would come together to move forward.

 As of 5:00 p.m. today, Mr. Graham has refused to schedule a meeting with us within the time frame requested.  

Therefore, I am asking all other SC Transportation Infrastructure Bank board members to come together utilizing their strong leadership skills and override the chairman’s decision. This meeting is imperative and I hope the other board members agree with us. I respectfully ask the majority of SIB board members – on behalf of myself and all Charleston County constituents – to create a time for the meeting that will not be canceled or rescheduled, so we can begin to alleviate the traffic and gridlock that plagues our area. We already have a strong partnership with the SCDOT and we appreciate their support, as they can see that our roads are a disaster.

In the past, several meetings with the SIB board have been canceled for reasons that often are not explained. Mr. Graham’s reluctance to meet with us is not only unacceptable, it’s also inexcusable.The State Infrastructure Bank is not a policy making board, it is a finance board. (see their definition below from their website).

I look forward to hearing from the board members of the SIB on when we can sit down together.